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The inspiration for this year’s Christmas card, the 18th in the series, was a roof we first supplied back in 2009.

The self-built home, commanding magnificent views of the mountains and valley near Mountain Center, CA took a little longer to be finished than owner, builder and cabinet maker extraordinaire, Dick Harley originally planned or expected.

But the realization of the dream, Dick assures us, was worth the hard work and the wait.

This project is yet another example of what Northern Roof Tiles can offer you. So, if you are thinking of a roof that’s outside the box …. there is a very good chance Northern can supply the tiles to make your dream a reality.

You can read the back story to this project by clicking the following link. 

We believe a clay tile roof is the crowning glory of any building.

For the past 28 years our family-owned and operated company has been importing clay roof tiles from around the world.

All our tiles are made to the highest standards of sustainability and craftsmanship. With the exception of our interlocking tiles, they are all either hand finished, hand crafted or individually made by hand.

We have our tiles independently tested against the ASTM criteria and they are all suitable for installation throughout the USA and Canada.

We have tiles to suit all styles of architecture and service Residential, Commercial and Institutional clients for new construction, remodel or restoration projects.

Northern also provides a ‘Custom Tile’ Service , basically if you can imagine it we can probably make it for you.

Welcome to our world, a world of magnificently beautiful clay tile roofs

Modern Flat Interlocking
A contemporary modern look, using modern technology.
Starting at $3.34 per SqFt.
Traditional Shingle Tile
Traditional style found through out England, France and Northern Europe.
Starting at $
6.45 per SqFt.

Also Available


Spanish 'S'

Starting at $2.95 per SqFt.
'French' Interlocking
Starting at $2.95 per SqFt.
Many other profiles available

Products, Services & Information

Flexim Roof Mortar


Roof Mortar

Flexim Roof Mortar. A ready to use, storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. Flexim is the best alternative to conventional mortar.

Data Sheets and Technical Information

Data Sheets

Technical Information

Quick reference downloadable PDF's with technical information on sizing, fittings installation, testing & certification. 

HyTile Roof Tile Cutter

HyTile Cutter

Technical Information

New from Northern Roof Tiles an easily portable roof tile cutter with no dust, low noise and easy cleanup with removable bin. 

The HYTile Cutter also saves time as you can use it right on the roof due to rubber feet and quickly adjustable angle.

Frequently asked questions



Some commonly asked questions about clay roof tiles and roofing in general. We also included a list of roofing terms

Roof Tile Solutions


One Stop Roof Tile Shop

Whatever you need, from a new roof to a repair, one ridge tile to a whole truck load of tiles, slate and fittings, we have resources throughout the US (over 2.5 million environmentally friendly, reclaimed tiles ready to go)

History and information abot Northern Roof Tiles


Who is Northern Roof Tiles

Information about the history of Northern Roof Tiles and who we are.



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