Plana Flat Interlocking Clay Roof Tiles

If your taste is for simplicity of design, clarity, with a clean, functional, and minimalist aesthetics, free of clutter and unnecessary elements. You will find the strong linear elements and bold horizontal lines of Plana Flat Roof Tile to your liking.

Plana is a large format flat interlocking clay tile with a smooth flat surface, sharp square edges and a thick butt (bottom edge) which create straight horizontal shadows across the roof scape. This is especially true when used on low slope roofs.

Our portfolio of modern style tiles include a number of other sizes of tile which can all also be installed vertically as wall cladding tile.  Also please remember like all the clay roofing tiles offered by our company, Plana is suitable for installation throughout the Northern US and Canada.

Plana Ebony Gray interlocking clay roof tile

Plana Flat Interlocking Tile

A Flat interlocking clay tile for a contemporary modern look using today's technology



Pieces per Square

Weight Per Piece

Weight Per Square

18" x 11 ¼"

14 ⅜" x 9 ⅜"


10 lbs

1060 lbs


Available Colors

Plana Flat interlocking Clay Tile - Weatherproof and perfect fit, square edges, perfect for a modern look on roofs or walls
Plana Colors.jpg