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Round Hill Estate in the fog - Northern Roof Tiles

Round Hill Estate - Connecticut

Round Hill Estate & Northern Roof Tiles

We were excited to learn that one of our favorite projects was featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest.

How  did they do that?
In early 2012 I was summoned by longtime customer Xhema Construction of Greenwich CT, regarding one of their clients who
needed a new roof.

It turned out the house was a magnificent 1920’s French style residence designed by Grenville Rickar. After an initial inspection I had to agree it was in desperate need of some major TLC, as large areas of the front of the roof were shaling very badly.

To cut a long story short, a very rare thing for yours truly, we secured the contract which required matching the existing tiles in size, thickness, surface texture and color. The roof comprised of 6 different pitches all with differing sweeps at the eaves and, of course, the hips were Arris style. We also had both an hexagonal and regular round tower and best of all we had seven small hipped dormers with curved rafters and again Arris style hips. Now that was going to be a real challenge - even for
me! All in all the project required 85 different custom fittings and shapes.

We  had the opportunity to work with the roofing contractor TRM Enterprises of Bridgehampton NY, Vincent’s two trips to the factory and how we worked with the master tile makers and a complete armature Adam Matthews, to return this beauty to its former glory.


It worked out so well in the end the project was featured in Architectural Digest!

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