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Northern Roof Tiles - Diagram showing the names of each part of the roof (Common Roofing Terms)
Common Roofing Terms Picturs

Common Question about Clay Roof Tiles

A selection of clay roof tiles
Freeze thaw temperature map of America. Where do you need ASTM Grade 1 Roof Tiles
All roof tiles have a warranty between 30 and 75 year but with maintenance could esiliy last hundreds of years (they do in Europe)
Snow sliding of a roof. We suggest using snow gurd to help prevent this
Framing a roof ready for clay roof tile installaton from Northern Roof Tiles
More years of expertise in the roofing industry then we would like to admit - Northern Roof Tiles
Roofing and Clay Tile Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Northern Roof Tiles - Your one stop roof tile shop since 1991
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