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Roof Tile Accesories

Flexim Roof Mortar Putty from Northern Roof Tiles

Flexim Roof Mortar Putty

Flexim roof mortar putty  is a ready to use, storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. Flexim was first introduced to the American market in 1997 and it has proven itself to be a reliable tile fastener and the best alternative to conventional mortar.

HyTile Roof Tile cutter - No Mess No dust

Roof Tile Cutter

No Dust, No Danger, No Worries. 
The HyTile has been perfected over more than 4 decades and incorporates ongoing feedback from the roof tilers themselves - the men who actually use the equipment! This has enabled us to design a product which not only reduces back strain, but which gives roof tilers a more productive and longer working life.


Snow Guards

Tired of Snow and Ice sliding of your roof each winter damaging property or hanging dangerously over areas where people walk or park?

Tile Secure tile chaulk


TileSecure Roof Tile Adhesive/Sealant is a high performance polyether adhesive, formulated for installation and repair of clay, composite, concrete and slate roof tiles.

Flexim Roof Mortar Putty
HyTile Roof Tile Cutter
Snow Guards for Roof Tiles
TileSecure Roof Tile Adhesive Sealant
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