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Plana flat interlokcing on a home in Deal New Jersey


Interlocking Roof Tiles

The essence of Modern Minimalistic design is simplicity of form and space without ornamentation or decoration and the use of natural materials to create light and shadow…
With graceful proportions and classic aesthetics, interlocking roof tiles combine an elegant appearance with quick installation and superior weather protection.  Interlocking channels for ease of installation with a variety of sizes and surface textures.

Large Flat Interlocking

A Flat interlocking clay tile for a contemporary modern look using today's technology

Plana Flat Interlocking Clay Roof Tiles from Northern Roof Tiles
Verea and Plana Flat Intelockin Roof Tiles


The Diamant tile is decidedly modern, with its unique innovative aesthetics. This large slightly cambered tile gives a permanent pattern to the roof, thanks to its multifaceted surface.​

4 (5).jpg
Diamant interlocking clay roof tiles from Northern Roof Tiles

HP 10
Large Flat Interlocking

HP10’s smooth clean lines will compliment any modern minimalistic design. The double side and head locks allow this tile to be safely installed on low pitched roofs.

2 (6).jpg
HP 10 Interlocking clay roof tiles from Northern Roof Tiles

Marselha French  Interlocking

Sometimes known in North America as a "French profile", the French tiles offered by Northern Roof Tiles are interlocking and available in attractive neutral colors.

Marselha Tobacco Brown.jpg
French interlocking clay roof tiles from Northern Roof Tiles
Hp 10 and Marselha French Interlocking

Small Interlocking

Beauvoise is a smaller flat interlocking tile. It has a smooth flat surface, square edges and butt (bottom edge) .Just like the bigger HP10 it’s double side and head locks allow it to be installed to lower pitches.

2 (2).jpg
Beauvoise interlocking clay roof tiles from Northern Roof Tiles
Diamant and Beauvoise Interlockin Tile
Interlocking Brochure
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