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HyTile Roof Tile Cutter

HyTile Roof Tile Cutter 

Flexim can be used to keep birds or other aninamls and pests out of your roof or building
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HyTile Roof Tile cutter. Picture showing all the features
Flexim Roof Mortar can easily replace old mortar
HyTile Roof Tile Cutter Video
HyTile Cutter in action cutting roof tiles
HyTile Roof Tile cutter from Northern Roof Tiles - No Mess no Dust


No Dust
Using the Hytile Tilecutter virtually eliminates exposure to the life-threatening silica dust. There is no need for the use of respirators by roofers or other jobsite personnel to protect them from the airborne Silica Dust, generated from power cutting or grinding roof tiles. No more vacuum dust collectors or other type of dust collection or blower equipment are needed to protect your health.
​No Danger
Using the Hytile Tilecutter eliminates the need to perform dangerous tile cutting with hand held power saws or grinders. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about the issue of using power cables on the roof, especially in bad weather conditions. And, wearing noise protectors is no longer necessary.
No Worries
Using the Hytile Tilecutter means cutting tiles with absolutely no worries. Not only will you meet all health and safety regulations, but you will also save money at the same time. Gone is the need for expensive machinery and other material, like saws, grinders, diamond blades, vacuum control, leaf blowers and more. What’s more, you won’t be spending time clearing & cleaning the roof.

When using the Hytile Tilecutter:
It's Safer
No more dangerous cutting of tiles up on the roof. And you no longer have to worry about using power cables.
It's Safer On Your Ears
The HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter is a quiet tool that can be operated without the need for hearing protection. This allows for better and easier communication with co-workers also working the job.
It's Quicker
As our videos show, cutting of a tile takes just a few seconds.
It's Healthier
Exposure to life-threatening silica dust is virtually eliminated.
It's Cleaner
The roof and environment remain free from dust and cut-off bits of tile, saving you much time cleaning up the jobsite.
It's Cheaper
No more expensive machinery and other material, like saws, grinders, diamond blades, vacuum control, leaf blowers etc. required, saving you thousands of Euros.
It's User Friendly
The design of HYTILE equipment is not the result of chance. The tool has been perfected over more than 4 decades and incorporates ongoing feedback from the roof tilers themselves - the men who actually use the equipment! This has enabled us to design a product which not only reduces back strain, but which gives roof tilers a more productive and longer working life.
It's More Reliable
It does the job it’s been designed to do. (This sounds simple enough but is not always the case.) Moreover, it does its job well, and it keeps on doing it - fast and efficiently.
It's More Durable
The tool works hard and is handled hard. It must be able to take such treatment and it does so with ease.

OSCA Certified


Weight: 40 lbs
Dimensions: 30"x 15"x 14"

PRICE: $1050.00 + shipping via Fed Ex 

HyTile Roof Tile Cutter Benifits

Check out a video on the HYTile
in action

Contact Adam for more information
888-678-6866 Ext 102

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