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Huguenot 20x30 Gabarre Blend French Shingle Tile from Edilians

Shingle Clay Roof Tiles

Shingle Clay Roof Tiles

Clay (terra cotta) shingle tile comes in a variety of textures which help define the architectural style of each profile.  Texture  allows the true colors to show through. Many of the textures are applied by hand which allows each shingle to have a unique, handmade appearance. From French and English farmhouse to a grand Manors and Chateau's. This is a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

English Shingle Tile

You will be hard pressed to find another tile maker in the world with a consistent history as Dreadnought. They first started making their smooth faced tiles in 1805, that’s 215 years ago and they make virtually the same tile today. They have been family owned and managed since 1902 and their quest for consistency of excellence has only improved the way the tiles are made. 

Dreadnought Smooth Blue Brindle Cumnor Hill Oxon - edit.jpg
Dreadnought Staffordshire Blue English Shingle Tile
20x30 Huguenot French Shingle tile from Edilians

Gabarre Blend Shingle Tile from France

No two Gabarre tiles are alike, and the finished roof is a true representation of what a roof that has mellowed and aged in the French countryside over the past 100 years, looks like. 

Huguenot 20x30 Gabarre Blend french shingle tile from Edilians
Shingle Clay Roof Tiles Dreadnought and Edilians
20x30 Huguenot Ardoise (Dark Gray) from Edilians - French Shingle Tile

20 x 30 Huguenot Shingle Tile in Ardoise from France

The color Ardoise is best described as a solid dark gray. The tile makers tint the clay body so it’s a darker muddy brown and then the Ardoise engobe is applied BEFORE firing so that the color becomes an integral part of the finished tile. As with the following Vieilli and Flamme Rustic Colors, the 20x30 Huguenot tiles all have a slight camber in their width, which adds to the shadows on the roof.

20X30 Huguenot -ARDOISE French shingle tile from Edilians

Cotswold Stone

Northern Roof Tiles is pleased to offer you the opportunity to re-create a little piece of the Cotswolds here in North America. 

Cotswold village.jpg
Cotswold Conservation Slate & stone from England
Shingle Clay Roof Tiles Edilians and Cotswold Stone
Dreadnought Ornamental Tiles from England

Ornamental Roof Tiles

The Victorians loved ornamentation and Dreadnought have always offered the complete range of traditional shapes.

English - Club - Fishtail - Spade - Arrowhead
Ornamental shapes are available in all the regular Dreadnought colors.

Shingle Clay Roof Tiles Ornamental Tile
Shingle Clay Roof Tiles Brochures
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