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The Shingle Tile Collection

For the past 29 years Northern has always offered a wide range of shingle tiles. This brochure is designed to give you a brief introduction to the major tile makers we are proud to be currently representing.
From England we have traditional English handmade tiles from Tudor and from Dreadnought we offer their range of Victorian style smooth machine made tiles.
And new for 2020 summer from France we are extremely pleased to be introducing the Huguenot 20x30 range.
All our tiles come with all the necessary fittings and accessories.
It goes without saying they have been independently tested, in the US, by an accredited laboratory against the ASTM C1167 standard and exceed the Grade 1 criteria. They can be installed anywhere in North America.
We have also added information on Northern’s ability to make Custom Tiles for turrets etc, and design ideas for other uses for our tiles. 
The huge advantage of a clay tile roof is that it’s a natural material which will mellow and age gracefully over the years and decades. We often tell clients that if they like their roof now, wait a year and it will look even better.
Northern Roof Tiles is very proud of not just supplying tiles but being very involved with many shingle tile installation since 1991. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service on your next project.



You will be hard pressed to find another tile maker in the world with a consistent history as Dreadnought. They first started making their smooth faced tiles in 1805, that’s 215 years ago and they make virtually the same tile today. They have been family owned and managed since 1902 and their quest for consistency of excellence has only improved the way the tiles are made.
Dreadnought create their color blends not by adding pigments or surface dies but the old fashioned way…by the delicate control of the atmosphere (oxygen) in the kiln.
Northern is also proud to represent Dreadnought’s sister company Ketley Brick and their range of bricks, brick slips, pavers and quarries.
For more information on the complete range of Dreadnought tiles, ornamental ridge and finals; and for Ketley Brick’s total offering call us at (888) 678-6866.

Dreadnought English Red / Blue Blend
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Dreadnought English Staffordshire Blue hand finish
Dreadnought English Staffordshire Blue. Note Bonnet hip tiles & finials


For the truly authentic English style handmade roof tiles you cannot beat Tudor. They are the largest ENGLISH owned and operated tile maker in the UK and they carry on the age old tradition of making tiles by hand.
We can offer you the original Tudor English tiles with nibs for a batten install or without nibs for a direct to deck install.
Northern has commissioned Tudor to make us a larger 12” x 7” tile which reduces install time and can be installed ‘direct to the deck’ For more information on the complete Tudor range from Northern call us at (888) 678-6866.

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Tudor Large English Jubilee with chamfered edges and butt
Tudor English Handmade Sunset Red. Note use of Bonnet Hips, Hogs Back Ridge & Valley Tiles
Tudor English Handmade Blend of 55% Medium Antique 30% Dark Antique and 15% Antique Red


Northern is very excited to be offering this amazing tile from Edilians,
formally Imerys Roof Tiles from France. This tile is modeled on the traditional blend and colors found in the Picardy region of France.
Currently only available in the Gabarre Blend the tiles vary is shade, lengths and surface texture to give this authentic old world look.
Edilians have offered us a special introductory deal so it’s very competitively priced and it can be installed direct to the deck right out of the crate! Call us for more details at (888) 678-6866

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Huguenot Clay Tiles used on a project in the Picardy region of France
Close up of Huguenot clay tiles from France

Vertical - Shingle tiles installed vertically as a cladding

Shingle tiles can, of course, be installed vertically as a wall covering or for the cheeks and face of dormers.
They are available with handed external corners and you can add ornamental shapes as a design feature. 

Tudor English Handmade Blend of Sussex Red & Sussex Brown with Club ornamentals.
Dreadnought Staffordshire Blue with External handed corner tiles

Creasing Tile

Basically a creasing tile is a regular field tile without the nibs or nail holes.
They can be used to form an arch over a walkway or over door openings. Also to  cobble out at an eave and were an eave turns at a gable.
Or just as a decorative finish.

Dreadnought cresting tiles used to form arch over doorway. Top 2 courses regular field tiles with nibs exposed to create decorative finish
Creative use of Dreadnought creasing tiles


Another creative use for creasing tiles is to form a decorative and very functional surround, firebox and hearth for a fireplace.
As all our tiles are fired to temperatures in excess of 1000 deg C our tiles are more than suitable for both domestic and even commercial fireplace application.

Clay Roof Tiles used for Fireplace Back
Fireplace arch using clay tiles

Cotswold Stone

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Northern Roof Tiles is pleased to offer you the opportunity to re-create a little piece of the Cotswolds here in North America. 

Cotswold village.jpg
Cotswold Stone Tiles
Cotswold Conservation Roof Tiles

Additional Project Galleries


ENGLISH 10 ½” X 6 ½” Project Galleries

Large English 12"x 7" & North American 15"x 7" Project Galleries

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