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Huguenot 20x30
French Shingle Tile

Northern is very excited to be offering this amazing tile from Edilians, formally Imerys Roof Tiles from France. This tile is modeled on the traditional blend and colors found in the Picardy region of France.
Currently only available in the Gabarre Blend the tiles vary is shade, lengths and surface texture to give this authentic old world look.
Edilians have offered us a special introductory deal so it’s very competitively priced and it can be installed direct to the deck right out of the crate! Call us for more details at (888) 678-6866
The tile makers of Edilians brought all their skills together when they created the Gabarre Blend.

  • The tiles are of varying lengths.

  • The color range of the tiles vary in shading from medium to dark.

  • The aging effect (engobe) is applied randomly.

  • The surface texture on each tile varies.

  • Install right from the pallet, no time consuming blending on sight

  • ASTM Grade 1


Huguenot 20x30 French Shingle Tile from Edilians

Huguenot French Shingle Tile from Edilians of France
Hugenot French Shingle Tile fom Edilians of France
Hugenot French Shingle Tile Pictures
20x30 French shingle tile from Edilans of France in Ardoise

20x30 Huguenot 

These flat shingle tiles from France will compliment any modern style of architecture. They can be installed on a pitched roof or as a vertical cladding.

GRADE 1 roof tile that suits a wide range of architectural styles at a reasonable price. GRADE 1 products represent the highest possible grade for clay roof tiles

20x30 Huguenot  Stats

Size: 12" x 7 3/4"
Exposure: 5" at 2" headlap
Pieces Per Square: 375
Weight Per Piece: 3.5 lbs
Weight Per Square: 1300 lbs

ASTM: Grade 1

Huguenot 20x30 Gabarre Blend French Shingle Roof Tile

Gabarre Blend - Available in blend of varying lengths and surface textures

Hugenot French Shingle Tile Gabarre Blend
20x30 Huguenot Clay Roof Tile
20x30 Huguenot French Shingle Tile from Edilians of France
20-30-huguenot gabarreblend French Shingle Clay Roof Tile

Standard Size 12" x 7 3/4" & Surface Texture

Hugenot French Shingle Tile Colors

Project Pictures

Hugenot French Shingle Tile Projects
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