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Fireplace & Firebox Tile

Liederback & Graham Fireplace (3).jpg
Liederback & Graham Fireplace (6).jpg


Thinking outside the box can lead to completely different use for a product. Maybe clay roof tiles can be used for more than just stunning roofs? How about using roof tile in a fireplace? 

Historically, in Europe builders used what they had readily available and what might have been left over on the job. Consequently any leftover roof tiles could be cut and used in fireplaces.

Ever since shingle style roof tiles have been made in England tiles have been used for the fireback’s and hearths of fireplaces. William Morris and the Art’s & Craft’s movement were particularly keen on using locally sources hand crafted materials; and roof tiles in fireplaces were a particular favorite.

Shingle roof tiles can be cut in half then be be laid, on edge, to form any number of decorative patterns.

Please note that these tiles are formed by firing in a kiln at temperatures in access of 1000 deg C, so are perfectly suitable for a domestic fire backs as well as commercial hearths etc.

Firebox Measurements.jpg
Fireplace Tiles

Fireplace detail created by James Michael Howard Inc.

Clay Roof Tiles used in a fireplce
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