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Barrel Clay Roof Tile

Northern Roof Tiles offer a wide range of barrel roof tiles, so called because of their convex, barrel-like shape. Our barrel roof tiles are divided into two varieties based on their historic design origin – Spanish roof tile and Mission tile.
Spanish roof tile, are simple, one-piece barrel design which provides a pattern of distinctive ripples across the surface of a roof. Often synonymous with terra cotta clay roof tile, Spanish roof tile enhances virtually any style of architecture.
Pan & Cover tile from Northern Roof Tiles match authentic Italian, French and Spanish architecture as well as Southwestern Mission design. High profile barrels create distinctive shadows that change the look and feel of the roof as the sun moves in the sky making a visual statement of texture and style. The covers can be laid in straight rows or staggered and mortar boosted to produce a more rustic look.

Barrel Roof Tile Definition
Spanish Roof Tile Definition
Misson Pan and Cover Tile
Verea Spanish barrel clay tile

Verea Spanish 'S'

Combines the cap and pan of traditional barrel tile into a single piece. This style also offers lower material and installation costs over traditional barrel tile.

Verea Mission Pan and Cover barrel tile

Verea Tapered Barrel
Pan & Cover Tile

The leading roof tile profile for Millennia, a traditional two-piece clay tile. True Barrel is commonly associated with Mediterranean architecture.

Verea Barrel House.jpg
Verea Spanish S and Tapered Barrel Tile

Advance Lusa Interlocking

Roman style interlocking roof tile

Advance Lusa Aged Red Toronto.jpg
Unbelino Advance Lusa Interlocking barrel Tile

Canudo Tapered 
Pan & Cover Tile

Traditional Pan & Cover Tile

Canudo Mission Coimbra 6.JPG
Canudo Pan and Cover tile
Advance Lusa Interlocking and Canudo Tapered Pan And Cover Tile
Barrel Tile Brochure
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