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HP 10 Interlocking Roof Tile
HP 10 Spec

HP10 Flat Interlocking from France

HP10’s smooth clean lines will compliment any modern minimalistic design. It’s double side and head locks allow this tile to be safely installed on low pitched roofs.


Solid colors and HP10’s thick butt (bottom edge) will create strong horizontal shadow lines and give definition, especially on low slope roofs. 

HP10 Stats

Size: 18" x 12"
Exposure: 15" x 10 1/2" at a 3" headlap
Pieces Per Square: 92
Weight Per Piece: 9.5 lbs
Weight Per Square: 875 lbs

ASTM: Grade 1

Hp 10 Color Option
HP 10 interlocking clay tile from Edilians of France - Northern Roof Tiles
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