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18 Years of Christmas Cards from Northern Roof Tiles

For years we have had Gord Pullar create an illustration for our yearly Christmas card. Some have been lost over the years but we wanted to share 18 years of cards all inspired by the best completed project of that year.

The Illustrator.

This is the 18th year local artist Gord Puller has provided us with our Christmas Card illustration.

Adam usually tries to have pictures of the chosen project to Gord sometime in September….note the use of the ‘sometime’.

Gord is given a little ‘artistic license’ and develops a first draft and once approved  by us he does ahead and colors it in. Not sure when we started to add the ‘black cat’ but this is now a regular feature.

Gord is a native of Hamilton Ontario and available for commissions of all types. If you’re interested he can be contacted at


We are not 100% sure exactly what Gord is doing in this picture but rumor has it that the actual home did not look half as good as his illustration so he is seem here making a few improvements!

18 Years of Christmas Cards from Northern Roof Tiles
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