We believe a clay tile roof is the crowning glory of any building.

For the past 30 years our family-owned and operated company has been importing clay roof tiles from around the world.

All our tiles are made to the highest standards of sustainability and craftsmanship. With the exception of our interlocking tiles, they are all either hand finished, hand crafted or individually made by hand.

We have our tiles independently tested against the ASTM criteria and they are all suitable for installation throughout the USA and Canada.

We have tiles to suit all styles of architecture and service Residential, Commercial and Institutional clients for new construction, remodel or restoration projects.

Northern also provides a ‘Custom Tile’ Service , basically if you can imagine it we can probably make it for you.


Below is a collection of our clay tile lineups available in downloadable brochures.

2021 Lineup - click on pictures for more information 
Dreadnought Smooth Blue Brindle Cumnor H


English clay roof tiles with 215 years of history and tradition

Hugenot Clay Shingle Tiles from France


Clay shingle tiles from the Picardy region of France

Lusa Spanish S Interlocking clay tile

Lusa Spanish S

Interlocking Modern Spanish 'S'

Clay tiles uses as creasing tile

Creasing Tile

Use to form an arch over a walkway, doorway or create a decorative finish

Flexim Roof Mortar

Flexim Roof Mortar

A ready to use, storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. 

Commonly asked questions about roof tiles, roofing and some common roofing terms


Commonly asked questions about roof tiles and roofing in general. 

Ketley Bricks

Ketley Bricks

Clay bricks, slips, pavers and tiles

Plana flat interlocking clay tile in Glacia White


Contemporary flat interlocking clay tile using modern technology

Diamant Interlocking roof tiles used on a wall in a San Diego BBQ restaurant


Interlocking tiles from France

A tradiational use for roof tiles in fireplaces


Using clay tiles for a traditional fireplace back splash or surround

The HyTile tile cutter. Quite, low dust and easy to use

Hytile Cutter

portable roof tile cutter with no dust, low noise and easy cleanup 

We love roof tiles


Information about the history of Northern Roof Tiles


Traditional handmade English roof tiles

Marselha French Interlocking clay tile


French interlocking tile

Contswold stone from the Cotswolds in England

Cotswold Stone

Recreating a little piece of the Cotswolds 

Using roof tiles on a roof or vertically on walls

Vertical Tiling

Creating a new look on interior wall or exterior walls

Reclaimed clay tiles for repairs and additions. We can find the tiles you need to match your project

Roof Tile Solutions

Looking to match a tile for a repair of addition?

Data Sheets.jpg

Brochures & Data Sheets

Quick reference downloadable PDF's with technical information on sizing, fittings installation, testing & certification. 

March 25th is the 181st anniversary of one of the most important events in the evolution of the clay roof tile.
Joseph Gilardoni 1805 to 1864.jpg

On that day in 1840, in the French town of Altkirch , Joseph and Xavier Gilardoni filed a patent for the FIRST interlocking clay roof tile.

Their invention revolutionized the making of roof tiles. No longer did tiles have to simply relay on overlapping one and other.

The Gilardoni brothers created the first machine and the correct clay formulation so that they could press the tile, control the shrinkage so that once they were fired, they would interlock with each other. This meant tiles could be larger with less pieces to install resulting in less expensive roofs.

The interlocking clay roofing tile made today, in such vast quantities in high tech factories filled with start of the art machinery, robots and the occasional white coated engineer, owes their basic technology to these two pioneering brothers.

So I hope you will join me and raise a glass, preferably of your favorite French adult beverage, and toast the Gilardoni brothers!

By the way the brothers tile business Tuileries Gilardoni Freres continued until 1986 when it was brought by neighboring Huguenot-Fenal, who today is part of the Edilians Group, which Northern Roof Tiles is proud to represent in North America

NRT 181stAnniversary.jpg
Early tile b.jpg
Xavier Gilardoni 1807 to 1893 (1).jpg
Early tileb.jpg


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