An English tradition dating back to Tudor & Elizabethan times and carried on today by The Tudor Roof Tiles Company.

Tudor Barn 60% Medium Antique 20%
Traditional English Shingle Clay Tile from Tudor

The Tudor Roof Tile Company is the largest ENGLISH owned and operated HANDMADE tile maker in the UK.
Tudor is carrying on a long tradition of HAND MAKING small rectangular roof tiles that dates back to the Roman occupation.
Since King Edward IV’s Royal Charter in 1477, English HANDMADE tiles have been 10 ½” long x 6 ½” wide. But we are pleased that Tudor will make an exception for Northern and making us larger tiles to suit our North  American market. But rest assured they are using all the same skill and craftsmanship.
Down through the centuries, HANDMADE English tiles have been used by the great English architects and influential leaders of design movements.
William Morris, the founder of the Arts & Craft’s movement had HANDMADE tiles on his own home ‘The Red House’.
Sir Edwin Lutyens preferred tile over slate as did CFA Voysey and MH Baillie Scott, to name a few.
Follow in these great designers’ footsteps and consider truly HANDMADE tiles from the craftsmen at Tudor for your next project.



Dark Antique
Dark Antique
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Weathered Earth
Weathered Earth
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Medium Antique
Medium Antique
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Sussex Brown
Sussex Brown
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Sussex Red
Sussex Red
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Red Antique
Red Antique
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English Handmade

Traditional Size 10 1/2" x 6 1/2"

English Jubilee clay roof tile from Tudor

Tile Size 10 ½” x 6 ½” wide
Tile Exposed 4 ¼” x 6 ½” wide laid at a 2” head lap
Tiles can be ordered WITH or WITHOUT Nibs
Pieces per square-  525
Weight per tile - 2.84 lbs
Weight per square - 1490 lbs
Number of tiles in pallet - 800


Eave & Top Course Tile
Tile & Half Tiles
Gable Undercloak Tile
Tapered Overlapping Hip Tiles
Ridge tiles, Half Round & Hogs
Back laid abutting 12” long

Made to order; Bonnet & Arris Style Hip Tiles & Valley Tiles

Large English

12" x 7"

Tudor Hand Chamfered side & butt finish

Tile Size 12” x 7” wide x ½” thick
Also available for special order 12” x 7” x 5/8” thick &  12” x 7” x ¾” thick
Tile Exposed 5” x 7” wide when laid with a 2” head lap
Pieces per square - 411
Weight per tile - 3.75 lbs ½” Thick
Weight per square -  1540 lbs
Number of tiles in pallet - 630



Eave & Top Course Tiles
Half Tile for Gable
Tapered Overlapping Hip Tile Laid with 8 ½” Exposure
Ridge tiles, Half Round & Hogs Back Laid abutting 12” long

Made to order: Bonnet & Arris Style Hip Tiles & Valley Tiles


Hand making the Tudor way

Tudor tiles are made true to the old ways using skills and traditions passed down through the generations, but of course it goes without saying, in full compliance with the latest health and safety standards.
The Tudor tile Northern is offering in 2020 are not just English style tiles, they are MADE IN ENGLAND, by English craftsmen, not by some computer controlled robot.


Project Pictures:


Custom by Northern and handcrafted by Tudor

Tudor Roof Tiles have the master tile makers who are more than capable of making Northern the custom shapes and sizes of tiles needed for your circular towers,
rounded hips and even domes.
Working with your installers, Northern designs the graduating sizes and provides Tudor with measurements and quantities that will be needed. This service greatly reduces time and cost of onsite cutting, the resulting dust and noise, as well as ‘no cut edges visible.’
Northern’s proven track record with 29 years of experience combined with Tudors ‘we can do that’ attitude allows us to also offer Arris or Bonnet style hip as well as valley tiles to accommodate your swept eave details, as well as, any roof pitch or even octagonal or hexagonal hips.
Basically if you can imagine it, Northern can design it and Tudor can make it!

Sussex Red Medium Antique blend of Clay roof Tiles
Hand making roof tiles at the Tudor factory
Garden Cottage Dark Antique Clay Tile

Custom. Fit for a King ('s college)

The craftsmanship and tile making skills at Tudor were put to the test when the project architects for the new Music Center at the King’s College School in London presented their ideas for the decorative roof tiling.
The initial challenge was to come up with a modular size of tile that would suit the geometric pattern to be created with both the rectangular tiles as well as the arrowhead shape. After much thought and many calculations, a custom size of 14” long x 4 ½” was
chosen and a test panel was created. 
It was also decided that two shades of red should be used and the custom colors of Romney Red and Romney Brown were developed.
Tudor did not just develop the design for the layout and make the tiles. They also worked very closely with the installers and the finished project reflects the high level of skill and expertise Tudor Roof Tiles offers their customers.
Northern looks forward to working with Tudor in the coming years and hopefully you, our customers, can come up with equally challenging projects.
If you can imagine it, we are sure we can create it for you!

Roof tile mockup for King's College
Tudor Clay Roof Tiles
Amazing clay tile roof used on King's College of Music


Back in Tudor and Elizabethan times it was very common for the second floor walls to be tiled and the practice carries on today. You can also consider tiles for the cheeks of dormers.
Tudor offers a range of 7 different shapes and they can be supplied in all the regular colors and both sizes.
Of course you can create the whole roof in ornamental shapes if you prefer.

Tiles are available in a range of classic ornamental shapes.

Snubnose, Fishtail, Beavertail, Bullnose, Club, Diamond & Arrowhead

ornamentals clay roof tiles

Creasing Tiles

Creasing tiles are basically regular Tudor field tiles but they are flat, not cambered and do not have nail holes or nibs.
But they are the same high quality and are available in the regular colors.

Creasing tile used over an arch
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Tudor creasing tiles used below an eave
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Creasing tiles used over a doorway arch
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