Onda Spanish S Interlocking Roman Clay Roof Tile

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Onda is a tile that brings the second oldest European style profile (what we in North America know as ‘Spanish S’), into the 21st Century.  By combining the classic beauty of the S profile with high tech double side and head locks they can provide a tile that will withstand whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

Once tile makers had mastered the technology of extruding clay to form the shape of the tile, as opposed to shaping a pad of clay round a pre-formed mold, an inventive tile maker decided to combine the existing two piece pan and cover tile into one tile and the ‘S’ profile was born.

The makers of our Onda tile have been able to retain the overall appearance and timeless beauty of the good old Spanish S tile which up to now have simply relied upon overlapping each other to keep out most of the weather.

Available in a range of colors and complete with all the necessary fittings and accessories Onda, like all those offered by our company, are perfectly suitable for installation in the Northern US and Canada.

Onda has double side and head locks
for total weather protection

Available Colors

Onda Project Gallery

Project near Boston MA
Installed by longtime customer LifeTime Tilers of Westfield MA

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