Using Solar Panels with Clay Roof Tiles. 

  • Perfect watertightness

  • Aluminium casing ensures an unequalled service life on the roof: rot-proof, corrosion-proof, watertight and recyclable.

  • Instalation made easy.

  • Progressive

  • Adaptability to complex roofs

  • Power per Module 75 Wc

  • Watertigh safety : Zero failures due to impermeability or fire since production started 17 years ago

  • Optimum durability : The aluminium casing ensures an unequalled service life on the roof (corrosion-proof material which is resistant to UV/atmospheric conditions)

  • Perfect watertightness : Guaranteed watertightness due to the waterproof aluminium casing

  • Universal : adapted inter-tile gutters for perfect integration with all types of roofing

  • Technical advice N°21/15-50 : Our products are on the green list of the Product Prevention Commission (C2P) and the Construction Quality Agency (AQC), which is recognized by insurers.

  • Double ventilation

  • Photovoltaic module : Crystalline silicon