Fireplace Tile

A creative use for creasing tiles is to form a decorative and very functional surround, firebox and hearth for a fireplace. As all our tiles are fired to temperatures in excess of 1000 deg C our tiles are more than suitable for both domestic and even commercial fireplace application

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Creasing Tile

A creasing tile is a regular field tile without the nibs or nail holes. They can be used to form an arch over a walkway or over door openings. Also to cobble out at an eave and were an eave turns at a gable.
Or just as a decorative finish.

Dreadnought Creasing Tiles a.jpg

Vertical Walls

Northern Roof tiles can supply you with Clay Tiles as well as bricks, brick slips for walls, vertical panels both inside and out. 
Roof Tiles that can be installed vertically include:

  • Plana

  • Dreadnought English

  • Diamant

And if a slightly more rustic texture is called for we have Tudor English handmade tiles.
Bricks, either solid or perforated, or brick slips from England’s Dreadnought / Ketley Brick


Dreadnought English tile used on both the roof and walls
Plana Flatinterlocking white clay tile used on walls

All Clay based products offered by Northern Roof Tiles are:
Non-combustible • Suitable for installation anywhere in North America
Consistent color that will not fade with time. • Green….Eco-Friendly