Mediterranean, Tuscan, Spanish, Barrel or Pan & Cover Clay Tile

Northern is proud to intorduce Verea Spanish S and Verea Tapered Barrel Pan & Cover tiles both in stock in North America for quick delivery.  Also long time Advance Lusa Interlocking tiles from Portugal. These tiles have been independently tested, in the US, against the ASTM C1167 criteria and exceed requirements of the Grade 1 standard. They are both suitable for use in all weather conditions  throughout North America.

Verea Tiles and Advance Lusa come with all the necessary fittings and accessories; they are competitively priced, are available to install and have short lead times.

Verea Spanish Tile.jpg

Verea Spanish 'S'

Combines the cap and pan of traditional barrel tile into a single piece. This style also offers lower material and installation costs over traditional barrel tile.


Advance Lusa Interlocking

Roman style interlocking roof tile

Advance Lusa Aged Red Toronto.jpg
Verea Cover Tile.jpg

Verea Tapered Barrel
Pan & Cover Tile

The leading roof tile profile for Millennia, a traditional two-piece clay tile. True Barrel is commonly associated with Mediterranean architecture.

Verea Barrel House.jpg

Canudo Tapered Mission
Pan & Cover Tile

Roman style interlocking roof tile

Canudo Mission Coimbra 6.JPG