The English Shingle Tile Collection

The traditional English shingle tile is 19 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide and laid with a 4 1/4" exposure. This small size tile has been made this size since Norman times.
Originally made by throwing a lump of clay into a wooden mold these 'Handmade' tiles had a sandy surface and were cambered in their width and length.
DREADNOUGHT have been supplying the market since 1805, a pioneer of machine-made tiles and this family-owned company is still leading the field.



You will be hard pressed to find another tile maker in the world with a consistent history as Dreadnought. They first started making their smooth faced tiles in 1805, that’s 215 years ago and they make virtually the same tile today. They have been family owned and managed since 1902 and their quest for consistency of excellence has only improved the way the tiles are made.
Dreadnought create their color blends not by adding pigments or surface dies but the old fashioned way…by the delicate control of the atmosphere (oxygen) in the kiln.
Northern is also proud to represent Dreadnought’s sister company Ketley Brick and their range of bricks, brick slips, pavers and quarries.
For more information on the complete range of Dreadnought tiles, ornamental ridge and finals; and for Ketley Brick’s total offering call us at (888) 678-6866.

Dreadnought English Red / Blue Blend
71HUxAHwmZL._AC_SX466_ copy.png
Dreadnought English Staffordshire Blue hand finish
Dreadnought English Staffordshire Blue. Note Bonnet hip tiles & finials

Cotswold Stone

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Northern Roof Tiles is pleased to offer you the opportunity to re-create a little piece of the Cotswolds here in North America. 

Cotswold village.jpg
Cotswold Stone Tiles
Cotswold Conservation Roof Tiles

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