Elixir in Sepia Blend from the plant in Grossouvre France


16x26 Elixir in Speia Blend from France

How would you best describe the Sepia Blend? It is a medium to light mix of reds, brown and buffs. The tiles are of unequal lengths, the bottom edges are pitted and grooved and the surface of some of the tiles look scuffed and scratched. 
Why? Because that is what the old roofs in this area of central France look like after 100 years. This is not a contrived color blend, it’s an authentic representation and in a word…..magnificent.
• Sepia Blend Code #157



Pieces per Square

Weight Per Piece

Weight Per Square

10 ¼" x 6 ¼"

4 ¼" laid with a 2" head lap


2.65 lbs

1850 lbs