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Round Hill Estate
Round Hill Estate
Round Hill Estate
Round Hill Estate
Round Hill Estate
Re-Roof in Greenwich CT
Custom Arris Hips
Custom Tiles for Round Tower
Re-Roof in Greenwich CT
Tiles Curved in Their Length
ReRoof in Connecticut 6
Custom Arris Hips for Hexagonal Tower

Custom Projects

Restoration of roof in Connecticut. - Featured in Architectural Digest - March 2017


Of all the projects Northern has been involved with over our 27 years in business I think this is the one I am most proud of.


Creating a roof as magnificent as this requires a team of craftsman and Northern brought our considerable expertise and passion and hands on direction to the master tile makers. Before we started they questioned if they could make all the complicated pieces….I assured them they could, they just didn’t know it. And they did.

We also worked with an extremely good installer our longtime customer TRM Enterprises from Bridgehampton NY.


The first challenge was to match the original size, thickness, profile and texture of the original tiles.

We then worked on the color blend and then the multitude of custom fittings.


We created the Arris style hips for the hexagon tower (picture 13)

The Custom shaped tiles for the circular turret so as to reduce the need for on-site cutting to an absolute minimum. (picture 9)

We even made the field tiles which curved in their length for the dormers.

But the piece du resistance was the tiles for the 7 curved dormers (picture 11) If you look at the picture you will see that the front and sides of the dormer are curved. Which means that each one of the arris style hips is curving away from you…. And we made everyone fit. This is truly art in a clay tile roof.


Every one of the 98’355 tiles and fittings supplied to this job were individually made by hand. 


For more details on this project or to discuss your roof tiles needs please give us a ring.

Designed by: Andre Tchelistcheff Architects

Featured in Architectural Digest - March 2017