Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB -Dormer
Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB
Custom Tile Boys Town NB - Dormer

Boys Town NB

Today Boys Town have 12 regional locations and help thousands of children and families in need.

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This project was one of the most complex Northern has been involved with during our 25 years in business.

Firstly we were required to match the three surface textures of the original roofs, Pitted, Stone and Bark.

Secondly we were required to match the original, or come very close to the original 7 color blends. This resulted in 11 different of colors and textures. Just to make things a little more interesting, the tiles for last 5 roofs supplied had a ‘dark body’ rather than the regular clay red body.

We, of course, worked very closely with John Kava, Senior Director of Facilities at Boys Town and Renaissance Roofing of Belvidere IL, the installer.

If you ever find yourself in the Omaha area please take the time to visit this amazing organization. Chances are you won’t actually be able to tell which of the ‘new’ roofs are Northern’s. A senior member of the local historical organization commented that “This was the first re-roof project they had been involved with where the ‘new’ roofs looked older than the ones they replaced!” So the bright and shiny ones are the other guys…..


Founded in 1917 by Father Flanagan as an orphanage for local boys.

It was originally called the ‘City of Little Men’

They pioneered and developed new methods of juvenile care and the emphasis on social preparation, which has become used worldwide.

The 1938 move called ‘Boys Town’ featured Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney and won 2 Oscars

In 1943 the adopted the logo of a boy carrying a younger boy on his back, captioned "He ain't heavy, Father, he's my brother." The saying inspired a song by the Hollies and also made famous such singers as Neil Diamond and Simon & Garfunkel.